Paragraphs on the Way

There’s not been a lot of code committed lately because I’ve been focusing most of my efforts at determining where paragraph breaks should go in the English Bible (KJV). Although paragraph indicators have been in the English Bible long before the King James was translated, there is no standard placement for paragraph breaks. Each version of the KJV that I have examined has paragraph breaks in different places.

So, I’m collecting data from many different sources and will attempted to choose the best places for paragraphs to be broken. It’s not an easy process, and it will probably need revision over the years, but hopefully I’ll get a preliminary paragraph view created before long.

There are also some technical hurdles to over come because of the way that BibleForge loads verses on the fly. This makes grouping verses into paragraphs a challenge because an entire block of paragraphs must be retrieved at the same time. Currently, BibleForge just grabs random blocks of verses, so the backend will need some reworking.

—Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth

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