Progress on Paragraphs

I finished examining the original KJV manuscripts printed in 1611 as well as a printed version that I own with paragraph marks. Running a comparison of the two findings reveals that there are 995 different paragraph markings between the two. Some of those differences could be my mistake, but I have double checked some of it to be sure.

So, I’m praying and thinking about what to do next. I also have paragraph data from several digital sources as well—all of which differ by a large amount as well. Paragraph divisions, like verse and chapter divisions, are not inspired because the original manuscripts did not have any (expect for a few places, like the Psalms), but the placement of paragraphs can change the meaning of a passage. I will probably come up with some sort of algorithm to examine the data I have collected and choose the most likely paragraph divisions. But it would be best to have some people examine the verses by hand and choose the best places for paragraph breaks. I hope to do that one day, but it is not very practical for the time being. Hopefully, I will get a preliminary text with paragraphs breaks soon.

—Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth

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