New Server

BibleForge is moving to a new server. We are now renting a nice little VPS from Currently, we are still testing the server out, but you can access the new server by going to our development server: The main site will be switched over soon, so long as there are no problems.

This should give BibleForge a lot of growing room. The new sever is faster and should be very reliable. It will also be able to handle the domain names correctly (we had been using http redirect and frames), which will be better for lots of reasons, especially for viewport-based devices like the iPhone and iPad.

At the moment, it costs about $12 per month to pay for the hosting and the domain names.

—Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth

Searching the Bible with BibleForge (part 2)

One of BibleForge’s unique features is that each word in the English is linked to the word(s) in the Greek and Hebrew from which it is translated. This makes BibleForge a powerful tool for analyzing the Biblical texts. Although there are many features still in the works, BibleForge already has the ability to preform some powerful searches already. Here are a few examples.

BibleForge knows lots of grammatical information about each word of the New Testament (the Old Testament is still being worked on), so you can search for a word that has a particular grammatical feature. For example, the word love in English can be a noun, verb, or even an adjective. But with BibleForge, you can specify which part of speech you want to find. To find the word love only when it is used as a noun, you simply type love AS NOUN. This will find every time the word love is used as a noun in the New Testament.

BibleForge can also search for other types of information, such as verb tense or noun gender. So you could search for love AS FUTURE to find every time the word love is used in the future tense.

BibleForge can search for any number of different grammatical features. So, if you wanted to find joy when it occurs in the 2nd person, plural, active mood, you can search for joy AS SECOND_PERSON, PLURAL, ACTIVE.

Also, like other searches, wild cards are allowed. So you could replace joy with j* and it will find every word starting with “j” in New Testament that is in the 2nd person, plural, active mood. Or simply use * by itself to find any word with the corresponding grammatical features.

And not only can BibleForge search for grammatical features, it can also search for words that are red letter, italic, or small caps (the divine Name of God). So, if you wanted to find every occurrence of when Jesus used the word love as a command, simply search for love AS RED, IMPERATIVE.

Furthermore, it may be helpful to find a word that does not have a certain characteristic. To do this, simply add the word NOT before the keyword. So to find the word give when it is spoken by Jesus but not in the first person, you could search for give AS RED, NOT FIRST_PERSON.

Currently, the grammatical search feature is hidden from the user, but work is being done to make this intuitive and easy to use. But for now, for a list of all of the possible keywords, check out the Advanced Search Keywords page on our wiki.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this or other BibleForge features.

—Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth

Searching the Bible with BibleForge (part 1)

BibleForge is in the early stages of development, but it already has one of the most powerful search engines of any Bible study software.

BibleForge has a single search box which allows you to preform a variety of different types of searches. By simply typing in a word, for example, joy, BibleForge will find every occurrence of that word. But not only that, it will also find different word forms of that word, such as, joyful and joyfulness.

Searching for more than one word will find verses that have all of those words somewhere in the verse. If you search for in the beginning, it will find any verse that has all three of those words in it. You can also limit the search to only verse that contain that exact phrase by wrapping the words in double quotes, like this "in the beginning."

You can also customize your search with Boolean operators, AND, OR, and NOT. By default, AND is used, but if you look up Peter OR Simon, BibleForge will find any verse that has either of those two words. Using NOT will find verses that do not contain that specific words. Searching for Barnabas NOT Paul finds only verses that contain the word Barnabas but not Paul.

Another neat search feature is proximity searching. This allows you to find a group of words near each other. To do a proximaty search, all you need to do is wrap a group of words in double quotes, add a tilde (~) after them and type in how many words between them is allowed. For example, "God love"~3 will find any verse that has the words God and love within three words of each other.

Another helpful feature is the quorum searching. This will find a certain number of words from a group of words. This is very helpful when you can’t remember the exact wording of a verse. Quorum searching can be preformed by wrapping a group of words in double quotes and typing a slash (/) and then the number of words that need to be found. So, searching for "not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together"/5 will find Hebrews 10:25, even though not all of the words are found.

As you can see, BibleForge gives you a lot of flexibility and power. But this is just the basics. We’ll cover more search features in another post.

At the moment, none of these advanced search options are easily accessible to the user, but future version of BibleForge should make performing advanced searches easy and intuitive.

—Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth

Introducing BibleForge

BibleForge began around 2004. For a long time, I had been disappointed with the quality of free Bible study software. Also, I had become increasingly aware of the 1000’s of Bibleless languages in the world. BibleForge is my attempt to solve these problems.

BibleForge is a free, open source Bible study web app. Lord willing, it will include every useful feature found in the best non-free Bible study program, and more. But even more important, BibleForge is intended to become a platform for Bible translators to connect with people all around the world to speed Bible translation and the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

If you are interested in helping accomplish this goal or enjoy using BibleForge in your personal studies or devotions, please let me know.

—Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth